What is the role of tourism in Indian Handicrafts ?

17 Apr

Today is the era of technology and machinery. Every task happens in a single of the instance in seconds. In spite of this fact the current state of handicraft market is still in a growing stage. In India the handicraft market is reaching at the worth of more than 3 billion INR. 

Today the making of handicrafts is associated with the religious, cultural, spiritual and income point of views and plays a very important role. Many businesses are connected with the import and export of handicraft goods in India and overseas and more than 60000 industrial handicraft houses are connected with the handicraft export. 

The tourism industry has also affected the growth of handicraft items. India is the seventh highest tourism operating economy and its tourism industry worth is more than INR 15 lakh crores. 

The growth of this sector is equally considered at the rate of 7% this time. Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka are defined as the most viable cities for attracting the tourists. Overall more than 5 million tourists come to India for tourism purposes.    

Tourism and handicrafts always go with each other.  The attraction of tourists also depends on the handicraft section of economy. To know the artisans arts and skills not only helps to understand the culture and hand ability of the artisans but also helps to understand the cultural value of the country. 

There are many small villages in india which are generally considered good as to cover up early as possible by the visitors and see the handicrafts and other things as early as possible. Many hotels and restaurants organize the exhibitions in their premises and they showcase the handicrafts of their local artisans. It helps to attract the visitors and to promote its handicraft industry of that area. Still there are many areas of these sectors which are needed to be improved.

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