Why the bead and kundan jewelery was so famous in India ?

07 Apr

Earrings have the most important place in the beauty accessories of women which can change the complete look of a person. It can be wear on any occasion like - festival, small parties and get-togethers, marriages and any other occasion. They have an evergreen scope and can never be out of fashion.

There are a real variety of earrings available in the market in which bead earrings have a significant place in it. They are available in different varieties like - stiletto, chandelier and hoop. Their making methods are available in many magazines. 

To make Beaded earrings many type of pieces of beads are used. In addition to that silk, thin plastic, metal wire accessories can be added to the decoration of beaded earrings. The beads are also attached to the finding which is also available in different type of varieties and sizes. It can be done with a small amount of money.

Kundan Jewelry - 

The art of making the kundan jewelry is also known as the “kundankari” or “kundkari”. The different type of tasks are done by the help of different craftsmen. Rajasthan is the most famous state in making the kundankari work specially - Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner cities are significantly famous. It was started in the 19th century.

In kundankari the back side of the jewelry is decorated with Minakarti and the holes are made as per according to the size of gemstones. Later on they are attached. Kundan is applied to provide more beauty with durability to the jewelry. The different tasks on one jewelry is done with different persons.

The kundan work is performed on the many different kind of jewelry like - nose jewels, bangles, necklaces, earrings, anklets etc. The holes are attached with gem by the help of lac.

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