What are the ideal features of reporting in an ERP software ?

11 Apr

A perfect ERP should have the following user rights features -

• New Admission report available session wise. It will show you how many new

admissions taken from session start date to till date.

• Students Sibling report can be generated into system, if students blood relation

matched in school, so we can assign as sibling them for each other. On behalf of this you

can find a report that how many siblings available in school.

• Students Login list

• Students I Cards printing report

• Students blank list

• Students transfer certificate report

• Students withdraw report

• Students club list

• Students list house wise

• Students details label

• Parents invitation card label

• Complete school students list in a shot

• Section wise students strength analysis report

• Students RS/DS report (RS – Residential , DS – Day Scholars)

• Students report Religion wise

• Class Teacher report section wise

• Students Birth day reports

• Employees Dynamic list for (Teachers/Officers/Other staff )

• Subject wise teachers report

• Teachers homework report

• Employees I Cards report

• Employees left in a session report available

by campus automation software

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• Profile printing facility available for every user with latest images.

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