WHat is the role of card features of ERP software ?

13 Apr

A perfect ERP software should have the following cards management facilities -

Salient Features -

• Exam Software is developed keeping in view today's examination pattern and need of

today's student.

• Examination Scheme can be made classes wise.

• Grades can be managed according to school policies.

• Number/graded/number graded marks can be managed.

• Students Absent/Leave/NA can be managed in system according to users.

• Scholastic exams facility available in system for junior or senior classes according to

school policy.

• Users can generate own dynamic marks sheet according to standard format provided in

LITEROM without any support and extra afford in word, excel..or any third party tools.

• Dynamic tabulation sheet designing facility available, same like dynamic marks sheet.

• Customized Marks sheet according to schools


• Detailed tabulation sheet exam wise

• Consolidated tabulation sheet exam wise

• Students Wise Tabulation sheet

• Exam Wise consolidate tabulation sheet

• Merit List exam wise

• Merit list section wise

• Merit list class wise

• Top 5-10 in class

• Top 5-10 in section

• Rank order list for class/section

• Subject wise failure list

• Exam wise failure list

• Subject Teachers remarks

• Class teachers remarks

• Students wise pre printed marks sheets

• Dynamic marks sheet available according to users

• Dynamic tabulation sheet available according to users

• Subject wise graphical report for each exams

• Exam wise graphical report for each students

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