What is the role of Jodhpur in Indian Handicrafts ?

14 Apr

Indian Handicraft industry has been very famous because of its quantity, quality, low labour cost and large quantity of natural resources for making handicrafts. Today handicraft sector has made a primary or secondary source of income for more than 5 million artisans and craftsmen. 

The wooden handicraft is still very famous for its durability and cost effectiveness. It pays more than 45% of Indian handicraft export market. It is considered as the second most important source of income for people after agriculture. In India, EC project is also implemented in some Indian states which is initiated to promote the wooden handicrafts in all over the India and as well overseas. 

Status of Jodhpur In Indian Handicrafts - 

Jodhpur is the second largest district of Rajasthan after Jaipur. Its handicraft section has provided the sustainence not only to the economy of the Rajasthan state but also paid a significant role in the Indian Handicraft section as well. That is why he Jodhpur handicrafts have created the employment opportunities for more than 3 lac people.

Here at Jodhpur, all the handicraft items are made of wooden and iron material and the incredible fact is this that they are 100% exported to the foreign market. The wooden furniture and home decor items are made with the unmatchable quality and design which are very much in demand. 

The current worth of the Jodhpur handicraft market is worth 1500 crore rupees. The popularity in Jodhpur has been increasing at the faster pace in last three to four decades. The uniqueness and sturdiness of Jodhpur handicrafts shows the rich and diversified culture of the city.

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