How to deal with server HTTP and FTP ?

07 Mar

Protocols are the set of rules and regulations, which are determined to communicate the data from one place to another. Some protocols are needed with the information transversal like HTTP and FTP, which are needed in the coldfusion information transversal. 

The origin of HTTP was to discuss the intelligent web agents. These operations can include the following operations like - calling COM object, calling function from the database, calling any coldfusion application.

Since after the launching of the ColdFusion in 1995, both the internet development environment and ColdFusion has established the new industry standards of the communication among servers.

In ColdFusion framework, a predefined error routines <cfhttp> is used, where all the access of the programs and the errors are handled. The 404 error messages are also included in this type of errors.

<cfhttp> tag can be handled via two methods - 

  • suppression of a status code.

  • via ColdFusion framework.

When this <cfhttp> tag is handled via its “false” attribute, ColdFusion handles all type of errors including 404 error messages. 

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