Why orea contriibute to the indian handicrafts ?

05 Apr

Korean Handicrafts have a significant role in making contribution to the handicraft sector. Their products are a premium one to the market and have much artistic value. The unbelievable quality of the korean handicrafts is this that they don’t consider any difference in the crafts and handicraft because same skilled artisans make them.

There are many textile items which are famous in Korean market like -

  • home decor products

  • imitation jewelry

  • furniture and handicrafts of wood

  • metalware

  • giftware 

Today the online market segment has risen with the rise of technology and resources and today a long queue of ecommerce ventures is there in the market to penetrate it. In Korea there are also many women who are operating their  online stores in the street and country level. 

Women pursue it as their primary or secondary income. Today the scope of giftware accessories is also increasing. With this the home decor and furniture market is also increasing. Today the Korean government is also making efforts to promote their handicrafts and textile items and they are also organizing the exhibitions and fairs to promote the folk handicrafts in the local youth. 

The local restaurants and hotels are also supporting the Government to promote the handicrafts items. The latest feature of the Korean MArket is that people have also adopted this handicraft profession as a teaching profession and they are also opening the hobby classes. So a hobby market of this sector is also propagating which is also getting popular more than the commercial market.

many handicraft associations are making the connections to the local artisans and ecommerce ventures and they send them unfinished handicraft items to them for finishing. In addition to this there are many interruptions as well which are present in the market of Korea like - 

  • low quantity of manufacturers and distributors

  • limited amount of market size

  • lack of channels

  • lack of technology and facilities

  • unclear market definition and terms of trade

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