What is the role of silver pendent in India ?

12 Apr

Silver, which is also known as argentum in India and it is grey in colour, has very important role in Metallurgy. It is considered as the most superconductive metal of electricity and heat and it is also one of the most pure metals like Gold and Platinum. Its periodic table number is 47 with its neighbours god and copper.

It is also used in making ornaments, idols, jewelry and bars etc. Silver is also used in photography in films and due to its bacteria killing nature, it is also used as medicine in allopathy. The coins are also made from silver. 

The word pendant means - “to hang down”. It can be made with many metals specially gold and silver from ancient time. A pendant piece is generally considered in use with the necklace which is also known as the pendant necklace. It is worn by both men and women. Its era was started in the time of Egyptian kings. It indicates beauty and prosperity in nature. It is available in many shapes and sizes.

The silver pendants for males are made from the different masculine figures and gemstones. The design is selected as per the choice of the wearer. These pendants are selected as per according to the designs and day of festival. 

These are customizable and affordable in rates. For women these pendants are made with white colour and pearls and diamond. These are considered suitable with the traditional and modern wardrobes.

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