What are the benefits of using the blogs in online learning ?

06 Mar

Blogs are the latest way to share information with each other. It can be also useful in sharing your product information, news, event information, mental expressions with each other. The term blog (also weblog) was firstly used in 1977 that a blog is a web page, in which news, opinions and hyperlinks can be collected.

In last two decades the blog readership has been increased up to more than 50%. Most of users today grasp their news and latest information by subscribing XML feeds and RSS aggregators. Mostly users also comment or post their views and opinions on online blogs but more than 40% of people still don’t know that what actually a blog is.

Reading other people’s online blogs gives invitation to personal readership. To share the information with people via own blog is the innate benefit of the blogging. To share the post on your blog is very easy today because via generated email via your blog, you can straight forward send your post to the blog for posting.

The another benefit is linking in the blogs. The relevant other posts of the website and outside web resources can also be put at the blog posts to make it more authoritative. Wordpress, Blogger, Medium, Tumblr and Typepad are the most popular blogging platforms in world.

Advantages of learning via blogs - 

  • blogging encourages learners to become subject experts.

  • blogging increases the capacity of extracting, filtering and posting.

  • blogging encourages the ownership in learning.

  • blogging increases the logical thinking.

  • blogging also cultivates the practice in learning.

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