What is the importance of rings in Indian Economy ?

11 Apr

A ring is a circular piece of jewelry which is worn around a finger. It can be worn both by man and woman. Itis used for the marriage functions as well routine day to day life. In India people also use it to give rings as a gift item. It is made of metal or any other wooden item.

In 20th century firstly people started to use the rings made of gold, silver and copper which is still in trend because they are a very good conductor of heat and temperature. Today Rings are made from the mixing of two or more metals.

While making rings, the beautiful designs are used to draw on them. Any written name, figure of person, animal figures are generally used to make on these rings. These ring look very pleasing  and beautiful to the eyes. It can be used as the both modern and traditional jewelry.  

Brass rings are very useful and popular as well and its shine is very intrigue. It is not an ancient art and the brass jewelry and rings has a shine like glittering gold. The yare not suitable for open weather whether there is a possibility to be rusted soon of them.

It can be worn at any time and both type of man and woman can wear it. With this the additional occasions are very suitable enough to opt them to wear. These brass rings are available in many type of designs and geometrical patterns.

Brass rings were developed in early 20th century in united states by the horse riders community. It is costlier than a copper and iron ring. The brass rings are suitable with all type of modern and traditional jewelry.

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