What is the need of dynamic learning model system in organization ?

25 Feb

The dynamic learning system model is a collection of E-learning, Knowledge management & assurance of learning which integrates the power of these elements to make your organization learning & knowledge based.

DLS deals in collecting data analysis and making strategic decisions to measure the individual performance at total performance parameters. To take a successful strategic decision, it is necessary to evaluate the e-learning and knowledge management program outcomes  and to make it more better.

During a dynamic learning system model launching, the focus is not on the knowledge itself but on the learner itself that what is needed to know for an individual. Assurance of learning involves all the processes and framework, in which a learner has to know what is needed to be learn and what is to be done to implement in practice.

Knowledge management and E-learning assures that the employees should innovate learning instead of training while performing their routine activities. The overall purpose of developing an optimal system in which total metadata of the learning program can be created.

In order to move a working system, it is necessary to adopt the overall assessment programs at the levels of peers, self and achievement level, so that a complete development of system to output from the input and to make an employee an active generator of knowledge dynamic learning system is very necessary. 

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